Caravaning: Freedom, Flexibility and Comfort

If you think that caravaning is all about towing a tiny box on wheels to a secluded farmer’s field without any of the amenities of modern day living that you’re accustomed to, the reality is going to be something of a pleasant surprise to you.  Although touring caravans need to be compact because of their need to be towed, designers are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make the best possible use of the space available.  These days touring caravans are mini-homes on wheels with many of the conveniences such as hot running water, showers, fully equipped kitchens and electricity.

Considerations That Go Hand-in-Hand With Caravaning

Price of course affects the kind of technology and features any caravan can have.  This means that you need to consider many things before making your final decision on which caravan to buy.

You might prefer to have one of the luxury caravans with every modern comfort to hand, but before buying one make sure you have taken into account all the smaller costs involved with buying a caravan.  For example:

  • Where will you store your caravan when you are not using it?  There are organizations that deal with caravan storage, but this will come at a cost.
  • As with your home and your car, you will need to have adequate caravan insurance.
  • Unless the caravan you are considering buying comes with everything you could ever need, you will need to buy basic caravan supplies.
  • Also every year you should ensure that your caravan undergoes an annual caravan servicing to ensure that it’s roadworthy before you start off on your first caravaning expedition of the year.

All of these costs of caravaning together could mean that you are looking at a budget caravan rather than the luxury one you had originally hoped for, but you’ll still find that even with a budget caravan you’ll still get a lot for your money.

Caravaning: Enjoy Your Freedom

Caravaning is a great way to get out and see things.  You have the freedom to hit the road whenever the fancy takes you.  Either plan well ahead with a comprehensive itinerary of where you will go, and how long it will take – or select a direction in which to point the car, and see where you end up.  With increasing numbers of people becoming involvcaravaninged in caravaning, you’ll find plenty of places to set up camp either for the night en route to a final destination, or even as a base camp from which to explore a surrounding area.

Caravaning is a holiday where you take the comforts of home with you.  Your favourite pillow, a cold beer or even your laptop are all easy to accommodate.  You may very well be camping when you take your touring caravan onto the road, but you certainly aren’t roughing it!

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